Photographic Gymnast

This little one who is a level 4 gymnast stole my heart, As a mama of a competitive gymnast for 10 years, I speak her language and she knew it! There was no stopping her, she wanted to show me every skill she had, and I was able to demonstrate or use her terminology to get the shot. I'm a Tallahassee Florida photographer and also a labor and delivery nurse so on a work assignment in Vermont I was lucky enough to meet this little gymnast's mama and the date was set. We shot this at a beach on the Great Lake Lake Champlain. It was glorious! The sun was going down and gave us the most beautiful colors. We even got some shots in the water and on some beautiful rocks that jetted out into the water. It was cold but oh so worth it! Can't wait to come home to Tallahassee Florida, but this little firecracker in Vermont stole my heart!