What to wear for maternity photos in Tallahassee, Florida

I can't wait to meet this baby! Little miss Delilah will be making her debut soon, and I can hardly wait to do baby photos of her because WOW! Just look at her mama!!! The dress of choice for her maternity shoot was a beautiful neutral cream and lace maternity dress.

Maternity photos are the best keepsake and are an amazing way to show your child later on in life what it was like carrying them. For this reason, I suggest to choose more classic clothing. Whites, nudes, and soft, muted colors, as well as light floral patterns, are all good choices because they are timeless and never go out of style. If your partner and other kids will be present at the shoot, their outfits should complement yours. Choose your outfit first, then use that as the basis for colour schemes and clothing styles for your family. One thing I suggest to avoid is ‘loud’ clothing. By loud I mean really bright colors, large brand logos on t-shirts or patterns that distract the eye. If you have any questions on styling for your maternity photo shoot, or family shoot feel free to contact me! That belly is gorgeous mama, show it off!