Baby Zoey

This blog is about little baby Zoey and how her photo shoot came to be. I'm a labor and delivery nurse and right now I'm traveling to Vermont to deliver babies! One of my coworkers is just starting in photography and really wants to learn newborn photography and it just so happened her coworker had just had a baby a week ago so I said if it's OK with her coworker we could go to her house and learn some newborn photography stuff. The hard part is I don't have any equipment with me no lighting no props I had my camera but not the right lens thankfully my coworker had a lens that will work for newborns and I stopped at the fabric store and got a backdrop and wrap and we borrowed a basket from mom and a few little fabric pieces. We use natural lighting which usually I use my strobe light. Overall it was a fun day of teaching and capturing little baby Zoey who got to be the guinea pig for the day! Pretty proud of how these pictures turned out for being a photo shoot on a whim with no equipment but we did a have a perfect squishy guinea pig to work with!

Tallahassee Florida Newborn Photographer