Tallahassee baby photos

In true Tallahassee style this little baby was born into a world of football and cheerleading. His sweet momma coaches our award winning varsity cheer team at Chiles High School. Once we knew she was having a baby, the idea for this posed newborn shoot was born! Many of my babies that come in have a request from parents for certain colors, or a favorite animal they would like to incorporate.

When this sweet little guy came into the studio I was so excited, I mean just look at him! I quickly got him wrapped up in Chiles colors and tucked a tiny Timberwolf in his hands. Check out the smile I captured in this pose. Literally the sweetest!

From there I dressed him in my favorite prop I had gotten for this shoot, his tiny wolf outfit. It's so fuzzy and soft and just look at those tiny ears and tail! I had also picked out the exact poses I was going to do with him to best show off this outfit. All curled up in a bowl, on his belly with his tail wrapped around, and wrapped in a ball in the "potato pose"

If you have a newborn shoot coming up message me about how we can design a shoot around your little one.