Surprise family photos in Tallahassee

This sweet little family from Tallahassee Florida who I have had the pleasure of working with before contacted me for an extra special family photo shoot. Mom wanted to give her sister a gift of a family photo shoot. The best part is she was going to ask her to be the godmother to her niece and nephew! I was so excited to capture this sweet moment for them! We decided to meet at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee Florida where the is a beautiful lake, boardwalk and playground. The kids are little, two years and an infant, so we started by letting the two year old lead the way down the boardwalk. As they explored looking at ducks, turtles and flowers that this Tallahassee park had to offer, I snapped away capturing the sweet closeness of an aunt and her sweet niece and nephew.

At a beautiful clearing by the water, mom gave the two year old an envelope to give to her aunt, As she opened it and read what was inside I captured all of those wonderful sweet facial expressions. We then headed to the playground for some fun on the swings which made for some pretty cute photos! Take a look at this awesome Tallahassee family!